Can children com on safari?
Definitely! Kilimanjaro Adventure Safari Club has a personal understanding and deep commitment to meet the special needs of families. Safari is a wonderful trip for any children old enough to enjoy and appreciate the experience. Most of these safaris are long trips and done on rough roads. Therefore, these are not generally recommended for babies or very young children.

Children under twelve years old will benefit from reduced fares on scheduled airlines. Lodges will provide an additional bed at a reduced cost for a child sharing a room with parents.

What is the best season for safari?
Tanzania can be visited at any time of the year. The most popular seasons are mid-December to March and mid-June to September. The months of April and May are rainy seasons, but the country is green all over at that time.

Where will we stay?
Most of our safaris are in lodges and luxury camps. All of the lodges and hotels we patronize in Tanzania are suitable to American and European standards. Follow the Accommodations link to see descriptions of many lodges and hotels we visit n Tanzania.

Will there be opportunities to interact with the local people of Tanzania?
Definitely! People in Tanzania are very social and the vast majority of them are still living in a manner not far from their traditional life styles. Many Tanzanians are subsistence farmers or nomads like the Maasai, who follow their herds of cattle to better grazing areas. There are also small tribes of hunter-gatherers. Most of villages are located along the road so you will see them as you drive by or can stop and talk to them. But at the lodges and camps, you will meet and have opportunities to get to know various staff members providing services to you. Of course, you will be spending your entire holiday with your friendly, informative, local Tanzanian guide.

With Kilimanjaro Adventure Safari Club, you have opportunities to visit a school and walk to a village where you can meet with many local people and have chance to talk to them.

Can a custom safari be arranged?
We are delighted to work with you to make sure that we help you, your family and your friends to organize and plan the best safari to match your interests, available time and budget.

We have organized custom safaris for honeymoon couples, photographers, families and others. Our programs are flexible. We will consider how many days you have available and how many people in your party so that we can properly arrange your trip. We don’t have a fixed number of people required for a custom safari, but a small number allows us more flexibility for arranging a personal and intimate safari experience with a higher standard of service and accommodations. We generally work with groups ranging in size from one to twenty-four.

Can special dietary requirements be accommodated?
Definitely! With advanced notice, special dietary requirements such as vegetarian or diabetic meals can easily be arranged. If you are vegetarian or vegan we would to advise you to bring along some alternative protein sources. If you have multiple food allergies you will definitely want to bring along supplemental snacks. It is very important we know of any dietary restrictions as soon as possible so as to avoid any difficulties.

More details are available on the Trip Planning and Travel Tips pages.

What is the “Migration?”
The Migration is the movement of animals in huge numbers from one place to another as they look for suitable food and water. Two million herbivores require a lot of grass and water. During this movement, carnivores depend on the herbivores. The herbivores smell and follow the rains and then the carnivores follow after the herbivores, looking for meal.

This movement is always in rotation with zebra and wildebeest present in the huge numbers, moving across the Serengeti, Masai Mara and Ngorongoro. The Migration is an annual event.